Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Crafty Endeavor

01 01 09 New Year's Eve 001 edit
Once in awhile, I get the urge to do a crafty project together as a family. The kiddies used to love it when they were little. Now, not so much (many eye rolls, sighs and why do we have to do this protests). I held my ground though, determined to make these glass ornaments that I had seen in the newspaper. The ornaments were easy to make. First, we diluted glue with water & poured it inside the ornaments & let dry for awhile. Then, we took straws and put tiny bits of this yummy pearly pigment paint powder inside & shook it around. Supposed to use little scoops, but straws were the best that I could come up with. Added different colors of paint with lots of shaking. Buddy boy stopped complaining within a few seconds of starting the first ornament - totally loved making them. In fact, I only ended up making 1 ornament out of the dozen - kids were having so much fun making them that they just kept going. We purposely left the tree up a few more days so that we could admire our beautiful artwork. Might have to turn into a yearly tradition!
01 01 09 New Year's Eve 011edit

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  1. Love those! Sounds like an Easter egg project for Christmas!!