Monday, March 16, 2009

Florida - Part 2

Continuing our Florida saga.....

Because it was Kindra's birthday, she got into Disney for free. When we picked up her ticket, they gave her this button to wear.

Kin's button from Disney
Little did we know that this button was the catalyst to receiving birthday greetings from SO many people all day long. She probably didn't go 5 minutes without someone (both Disney cast members and other visitors) saying "Happy Birthday". Talk about making a person feel special! We teased Kin that never in her life will she get that many Happy Birthdays in one day again (unless she goes to Disney for her birthday!). We really should have kept track of how many times it was said to her that day.

After we left Animal Kingdom, we headed to Downtown Disney, which is one of my favorite places in the world (ok, Disney World at least!). First up was supper at Earl of Sandwich. Don't quite know how they can make a simple sandwich taste so good but we love it.

Earl of Sandwich

Then, it was onward to Ghirardelli's for the most incredibly amazingly delicious hot fudge sundae, which Kin & I split in honor of her birthday (it was HUGE!).


Earl of Sandwich

After a few minutes of browsing in a couple of shops, we walked through Pleasure Island. We usually never make it past the Lego store near the edge of Downtown Disney, so it was interesting to see a whole new area.
Downtown Disney

Finally, to top off Kindra's birthday, Mimi & Papa had gotten us tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil. We couldn't take pictures during the show and frankly, wouldn't have wanted to miss even a moment to take a picture. I'd like to try to describe it, but it's an experience that can't be described. The show held us spellbound, in awe of the performers and busy trying to see everything that was going on. If you ever have a chance to see the show, go see it. Incredible, amazing, superb don't even come close to describing it. Go see for yourself.


Since Cirque got over so late, we stayed at a nearby Best Western, where we got some excitement when we got back to our room. Shortly after arriving, a fire truck showed up (complete with lights and men on walkie talkies). Next up were not one but 2 ambulances. The hubbub was concerning a group of high school/college aged kids, some of which were in the room 2 doors down from us. They ended up taking away 2 of the girls in ambulances. We gave up trying to be discreet & peek out the window to see what was happening and went up on the balcony to watch (great seats!). No one at the hotel would tell us what happened but we had fun guessing. It was our late night free entertainment!

The next morning, we hit the Nike outlet to feed Kindra's Nike Shox addiction - she does so love her Shox!

Kin at Nike store

Have to admit, the pair that she got are adorable. I got some too; mine are normal ones though.

Kin's new Shox

Back to Mimi & Papa's where it had finally warmed up enough to sit by the pool all afternoon - ahhh... (still a little chilly to get in though)

03 06 09 061
03 06 09 063

Kin made friends with the neighbors' dog, Kringle, next door:
Kin & Kringle
Kin & Kringle
Kin & Kringle

A few of the beautiful flowers and trees in & around Mimi & Papa's house:


03 02 09 Florida 022

03 04 09 020

03 04 09 032

Palm tree at Mimi & Papa's

Their lime tree:03 02 09 Florida 038

Their grapefruit tree:
Grapefruit tree
Amazingly enough, upon returning home, Kin's backpack held a total of 15 grapefruit, 4 oranges and 3 limes. Yum!

Mimi & Papa's backyard

Kindra helped Papa plant some flowers:

03 04 09 006

This is where breakfasts should always be eaten:

Breakfast by the poolBreakfast by the pool
Yes, Kin is having her favorite breakfast of all times - cake!

One last moment of sunshine by the pool before heading to the airport:

03 07 09 018

Back home again to cold gray rainy skies (and obviously none too thrilled about it!).
03 07 09 057

Note bulging backpack full of fruit! Is it time to go back yet?

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  1. Those are totally awesome and amazing pictures! Esp. the flowers!!! I'd go back with you in a flash if possible.