Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

In celebration of Valentine's weekend (since a whole weekend is a better way to celebrate compared to a mere day), here's a few pictures.

02 12 09 019

Found these candle holders at Ikea last year - just love having them lined up on my windows in the kitchen by the sink with candles that are the color of the season.

02 12 09 027

These cute guys were at Target (gotta love Target!). They had a little tag on them that said dish scrubber. I can't see using something so adorable to scrub dirty pans, but who knows? I put some ribbon on them & tied them on my cupboards.

02 12 09 002

The little mailbox was another Target find (dollar aisle). I thought the Hershey's kisses added a finishing touch, but for some unknown reason, I had to keep replenishing them (especially the caramel ones!). Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's weekend!


  1. Very cute are more ambitious than me. I used to decorate for everything...but not anymore. I guess I am getting lazy in my old age!

  2. Well, that was the extent of my decorating! Took maybe 10 or 15 minutes total so not too awfully ambitious!

  3. Cuuuuuute! I saw those scrubbies on Saturday and almost bought them but I didn't know what to do with them...I didn't even think of putting ribbon on them! =D

  4. I love all your pink stuff! I love pink. Smart to come up with the ribbon on the scrubbies.